Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another one of the many come backs...

This is one more of the many comebacks that I will be having not with regard to this blog only but about many other things in life, I am sure. For someone who can’t sit still for a second I think I will have to come back to things and places and situations a lot more than others, just to mend it. But this is the new year, which is one more reason I thought maybe I should make amends and come back to something that means a lot for my cousin, besides it being a healthy exercise for me to embark upon.  What can I say? I am the perfect example of the kid of this generation. I am more comfortable typing in my thoughts to the blank sheet on the computer screen than penning them down for posterity. Of course, just like the delete button, there is also always the option of crumpling the piece of paper and throwing it into the waste basket (and imagining one awesome basketball shot for my own mental records). So I have come back to it almost like the prodigal son and I am sure the ever welcoming virtual world will welcome me with open arms. I know my cousin will. She has been too patient with me.

To come to my present status, I am quite older now with some issues regarding my body weight, which has come to worry my parents I can see. Hence, every evening I am packed off to the gym class and then karate class every alternative days. Thankfully, Dad has figured it out that singing is not really something that is cut out for me. So after slogging in school for a day and then these extra-curricular activities and then the days’ homework and lesson I am dog tired to even wish goodnight to my siblings. But then I am not using this as an excuse to not write. It is not that I haven’t been doing anything else.

There has been a significant change in the family now. Mum has got a job and so most of the time we come back home and take care of ourselves for the first couple of hours till my sister comes, who keeps an eye on me till Mum comes. One might think that an arrangement like this might make us feel a little left out and urged to fend for ourselves. However, for us it is something that any kid would love to enjoy. You come back from school and the entire house is all yours. For that small span of time you are the king of the house! Well, there is always this power struggle between me and my siblings, but then at the bottom of our hearts I think we all relish that whole sense of complete insane freedom!

As for the usual updates, I am persevering with my sitar practices. My twin has started learning playing the keyboard. My sister, remains the storehouse of talent and has recently topped her class!

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